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Characteristics of outdoor furniture
- Jun 17, 2017 -

The distinguishing feature of outdoor furniture from general furniture is that it is the component element of urban landscape environment, the "props" of city, and has the characteristics of "public" and "communicating" in general sense. As an important part of the furniture industry, the basic content of the outdoor furniture generally refers to the rest facilities in the urban landscape facilities. A rest table, chair, umbrella, etc, for outdoor or semi outdoor spaces.

Outdoor furniture is in the open or semi open outdoor space for outdoor activities, public health, comfort, convenience and efficient to set up a series of indoor furniture to furniture, which mainly covers the city public outdoor furniture, garden furniture, outdoor leisure commercial space outdoor furniture, outdoor furniture and other portable four products.

Raw material introduction

Jin Bu Jin

Born in Indonesia, the wood is shiny, pink to red brick, turn dark with orange, sapwood light color, no special smell and taste, texture staggered, rough structure, uniform, wood heavy to very heavy, air dry density 0.85-0.93g/cm3, hard texture, high strength, dry shrinkage.

Southeast Asian camphor wood

Zhang Shan of borneol fragrant genus, produced in Malaysia. Wood slightly luster, texture just staggered; structure slightly thick, uniform hardness; medium to large, high strength. The wood is easy to process, smooth in cut, good in Polish and strong in nail holding ability. After drying, it is processed by mechanical or manual process.

Southeast Asian mountain camphor wood features:

1, bending resistance, aging resistance, cost-effective;

2, after a special anti-corrosion treatment, three layers of surface spray treatment;

3, health and environmental standards.


Large deciduous tree of the genus teak native to South asia. Now on the market sales of teak mainly from the Burma market, commonly known as "teak", is brown, reddish, sapwood, and Heartwood distinct, ca. 3 cm wide, shallow brown, long in the air in turn was dark brown, shiny wood, touch with grease, use size stability corrosion resistance and termite resistance are strong, in the waters within the anti marine drilling wood animal damage, impregnation is not easy, acid.

Because the wood corrosion resistance and excellent stability, processing strength and processability of moderate, tall and straight trunk, beautiful appearance and wide use of wood, teak is therefore the world's best and most famous hardwood.

Watkins grapefruit (black Manglietia)

Evergreen trees, up to 25 meters high, branches under 15 meters high, 80 cm around the breast diameter, up to 140 cm. Produced mainly in the northwest of Burma, 800-1800 meters above sea level evergreen broad-leaved forest, more than 120 years old. Because its finished products approximate teak, it is also called "golden pomelo"".

Wood porous, heartwood golden yellow to gray brown. Wood luster is strong, no special smell and taste, wood resistant to decay, insect resistant borers; texture is straight, very fine structure, uniform. Moderate hardness and strength, moderate drying speed, dry shrinkage, no deformation, easy cutting, smooth surface, bright paint, and close to teak. The Ming and Qing Dynasties were the first materials for palace construction, and they are now used as high-quality furniture materials.

Red walnut

Walnut trees, evergreen trees, "African tree king". The wood has a strong luster, a straight texture, a fine and uniform structure, and is resistant to decay. It is suitable for the manufacture of precious furniture, high-end decoration and the manufacture of precious musical instruments.


Legume intsia, domestic commonly known as merbau or Pacific ironwood. In Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, shiny wood, no special smell and taste, brown to dark brown, usually with shades of white stripes, heartwood contain yellow sediment, texture staggered, uniform structure, wood to weight, air dry density 0.8-0.98/cm3, high hardness and strength. Good stability, corrosion resistance and ant resistance, dry shrinkage, no deformation.

Forest cloth

It is a special material imported. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, ultraviolet resistance, rain proof, water proof and aging resistance. Widely used in outdoor products, the performance is very good. The chairs and swings made of cotton cloth and aluminium alloy are both light and beautiful and welcomed by consumers.


Nishifuji is a kind of modified polymer material, is the substitute for rattan furniture. It has bright colors, elegant appearance, soft and comfortable texture, and durable. Saito material is resistant to minus 30 degrees to 120 degrees above zero destructive experiments, very suitable for outdoor furniture use exposed to the weather a large number of export overseas.

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