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Circular Dining Table With Auspicious Safe And Practical
- Apr 25, 2016 -

In the midst of the layout of the restaurant, spoke last week should pay attention to some problems, such as should not be way up, to avoid the bar top. Now turn to the table selection and display.
Furniture table on the market come in many shapes, round, oval, square, rectangle, polygon, diamond, or heart-shaped, triangular, irregular shape.
When you select a table, a lot of people like round or oval, which is the right choice, round table not only symbolizes good fortune, a symbol of family reunion, because there are no sharp corners, use safer. Square and rectangular dining table is a lot of choice, smooth symmetric square dining table, is used for a family of three. From the geomancy, or acute angles of the triangle dining table is not selected, other furniture should not be sharp.