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How To Choose Wooden Furniture
- Jul 08, 2017 -

How to choose wooden furniture

1, degumming: usually appear in the furniture surface and inner board glued place, will affect the strong strength of furniture. Identification method: when the finger tapping at the back of degumming, will make abnormal noises, such as surface decorative veneer degumming, can be seen bubbling or cracking, will play the hand press.

2, bending deformation: usually appear in the writing desk, table surface, large wardrobe facade, bucket surface and so on. When the desk is deformed, the articles are placed in poor stability, and the window is bent so that the articles in the cabinet are damped. The method of identification is to look at the other side from one end to the other, and if the ends are curved or convex, the table top has been bent.

3: decay wood: usually appear in furniture interior, such as drawers, wall panels and other parts. Decayed wood can affect the service life and strength structure of furniture. Identification method: generally soft texture, easy to brittle, with fingers poking, will block off. Wood color is black, blue or white like abnormal.

4, mortise and tenon joint loose or broken tenon: usually appear in the camphor union parts, serious will make furniture lose function or cause other damage. Identification method: by hand shake with parts, especially furniture tripod, drawer wall panel connection, to see if there is no loose phenomenon.

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